body. tone. canvas.



Maple / Vintage Mahogany / Vintage Maple / Stave / Acrylic / Brass / Aluminum / Cooper / Steel


The drum shell is the foundation of the drum kit; the soul of a drum. When you hear drummers use words like warm, smooth, punchy and boomy the shell is where it all beginnings.


contact. precision. voice.



Though we offer a range of edges we highly encourage our 45 round over. it creates a classic sound with a nice balance of shell resonance and head tone. 


The smallest surface which is the contact point between the drum head and drum shell. The bearing edge give your drum their voice. This area demands precision and detail.

First video clip is Paul Mabury's custom 14x26 maple bass drum. Second video clip is Paul using our maple/walnut snare drum in his home studio for "I Want That Sound" Please enjoy w/ headphones and in HD
Please enjoy w/ headphones. 6.5x14 1/4" stave drum w/ milled re-rings. Equipped w/ Calftone by Evans. 30/round over on batter side and 45/45 on reso side.
Please enjoy w/ 🎧. 5.5x14 distressed black maple w/ matching wood hoops. Single 45 edges. Dressed w/ brass beavertail lugs and equiped w/ an UV1 head by Evans. Tuned low w/ no muffling, 1 moongel and Steve's Donut by Big Fat Snare Drum. Drummer - Edwin Rivera III
Please enjoy w/ headphones 5.5x14 Maple White Satin Flame Wrap Tall Wood Hoops
Please enjoy w/ headphones 6.5x14 Maple/Walnut